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How to clean a bicycle chain.

How to clean a bicycle chain.
How to clean a bicycle chain.

The best and most efficient way to clean the chain is when is off the bike.

So first remove it from the bicycle.

-Use gasoline and a brash for a first cleaning.

-Dry the chain with air if possible (use air compressor)

-Put in a pan concentrate   dishwash detergent and water and let it boiled

-Put the chain inside the pan and leave her for 2-3 minutes. This will remove any dirty or oil from the

links and from parts that were not possible to removed with the gasoline

-Remove the chain spill the water and clean the pan

-Put water in the pan boil it and put the chain inside. Boiled water will rinse the chain without

produce any rust.

-Remove the chain

-Use a wax heater and put inside oil with Sae 80 or thicker.

-When the oil became thinner put the chain inside and leave her for 2-3 minutes.

-Remove the chain and hang her overnight

Next morning the chain will be ready to put her in the bike.

Repeat the same procedure about every 3 months or 300 miles.

Instead of the oil you can use paraffin wax but oil is superior than the wax.

Please note that I use this procedure for decades and I never had any problem.

But you need to be careful and use any possible protection as what I described involve flammable liquids .So proceed with your own risk.