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Why fixie?

Why fixie?

It’s hard to explain why I choose to ride a fixed gear bike.Part of it is just a
feeling you get from a bike or style that fits you just right.

That perfect fit is hard to quantify. It can be just a matter of a few millimeters here or a
few degrees there. An old seat that is broken in just right, or maybe a set of really
comfortable fatty tires. It may be a bike that has just the right gear combinations or a
quick shift and brake action.

For me I find that fit in an old steel frame that has just the right millimeters and degrees
for me with nothing but the absolute minimum stripped from the bike . I crave simplicity in my life and
in my bicycle and that is what a fixie gives me.

There is not much more simplicity then in a fixed-gear bicycle. Stripping a bike of the
derailleurs, gears and freewheel obviously makes a bike lighter, but lite weight is not the
only benefit. I think the true beauty of a fixie is in its reliability, there is a lot
less that can go wrong. Derailleurs go out of alignment, jockey wheels need constant
cleanings, cables stretch and need replacing, parts wear out and become more difficult
to tune.

I have ride and owned all types of bicycle the past 35 years of my life (commuter ,bmx ,mountain bike ,road etc)
but nothing gives me the feeling and the pleasure as the fixie do.
It is not my intention to put down any other forms of bicycles.

I hope I have conveyed my love for a fixed-gear bicycle, it’s not easy to put into words.
It is my hope that all cyclists give a fixed-gear a try at least a couple of times in there
lifetime to experience what words can not describe. If you need help in converting or
building a fixed-gear, drop an email and I will do my best to help you.

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